collection and bespoke

Collection & Custom made


Borne of a union of historical styles and the aesthetic avant-garde, Moissonnier works a strange alchemy in its creations: updating styles… breathing new life into traditions to make the present feel magical again. Creating jewellery for the home while cultivating an offbeat style, paradox with a dash of insolence, such is the dandy spirit of Moissonnier.

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special orders furnitures
Custom made

The special orders workshop offers you unique creations. 
Moissonnier’s customers can now resize a piece from the collection or create a fully bespoke piece of furniture. The care Moissonnier takes in finishing its pieces, so emblematic of the brand, is evidenced in the hand-painted decorations and monograms. Our collection and our craftsmanship are the first steps in a journey from the imagined to the tangible, and an invitation to sample true luxury…

Patinas & bronzes

Moissonnier offers a range of exclusive new patinas and also gives its customers the option to customise a model by selecting the shades of their choice, based on a type of fabric, wallpaper or painting... This makes each piece unique.

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Moissonnier makes items of furniture to reflect their creator's taste for ornamentation, and the finish is a true work of art. The bronzes come in a range of different finishes. Some undergo an oxidation treatment to age them; some are gilded, silvered or simply lacquered. 

The design studio

Under the artistic direction of Annie-Pierre Moissonnier, Moissonnier's research and design department works on creating bespoke items. With aesthetic and technical drawings, colouring in, style boards, interior design consultancy etc., they can share their intentions and assist customers in putting their projects together, always striving for beauty, functionality and quality.