Dandy Mélodie

Our parisian showroom is back to basics, with a focus on Moissonnier's emblematic pieces, those that embody its style:  the maximalist spirit so typical of our company. Our new scenography reveals the beauty and excellence of our craftsmen's skills.

Cosy living room

Tabac and stripped oak tones warmed by the intensity and depth of purple velvet... These are the hues on which this living room takes shape, where the sinuous lines of the Bellevue sofa offer comfort and generosity. Our Louis XV chest-of-drawers decorated with black and white diamonds structures the space and imposes its timeless elegance. A little further on, the Rue de Beaune chiffonier and chest-of-drawers provide an attractive counterpoint to a carved Regency bergere.


Outdoor collection

Drawing inspiration from garden trellises, stone balustrades and lush greenery, French Gardenis is a tribute to the art of French gardens. To temper its very geometric and rythmic crisscross pattern, the furniture was endowed with generously rounded forms,  ensuring the best possible outdoor experience. Alongside the collection, a choice of garden-inspired pieces also offers a fresh new perspective on Moissonnier's identity.

In Manny Manners

The first collection, signed by Pierre Gonalons, tells the story of a refined, yet daring, quintessentially French house. Moissonnier encapsulates this typical Parisian spirit, steeped in novelty, refinement, imagination and whim. If the inspirations are multiple and the references numerous, the sense of work of Pierre Gonalons tends to redefine heritage furniture, for its return into our home. Between tribute to Louis XV furniture, re-editions of archives and creations, these new pieces take Moissonnier towards a new modernity.

A winter garden

Bathed in Zen-like light, the place evokes winter gardens with their luxuriant vegetation. In front of a majestic woodwork library is a dining area with a table, Regency chairs and a bench. Opposite, two Louis XVI sofas (ref. 164) arranged on either side of a fireplace waiting to be lit suggest the warmth of a living room. The quintessential Moissonnier spirit is expressed here: a mixture of emblematic pieces and stylish arrangements with unexpected colours and fabric choices.

Riviera Inspiration

In a setting lined with calades, pieces evocative of the villas of the Riviera of the early 20th century are revealed. Console, poufs, bench or checkroom in turned wood imitating bamboo play the card of color and fantasy. A Sevigne daybed draws a contemporary boudoir and invites to laziness. Its delicate and curved lines dialogue with the iconic Louis XV chest-of-drawers interpreted in a sumptuous Jaune Imperial while the Joyce poufs and Cary armchair dressed in geometric patterns and bangs, evoke the lightness of the Roaring Twenties.  

A dandy interior

The dandy aesthetic blows over this warmly elegant interior. The army, curry, and lead tones associated with the grey landscape of the wallpaper contribute largely to this, but are not the only ones. A waxed wooden chest-of-drawers dialogues with the muted tones of a Directoire desk and a daybed. Plain velvet with deep reflections, luxuriant plant motifs, English tweed... the whole Moissonnier style is there, in this balanced mix that contributes to creating a welcoming and distinguished atmosphere.

Essential accessories

To pursue its commitment to sustainable development, Moissonnier is seeking to make use of the wood scraps from the manufacture of its furniture. This is how the idea of developing a line of decorative objects came about. Because what could be more essential than accessories to give the final touch to your interior! A trio of candle holders in two different finishes, and a generously sized tray launch this line, which will grow with the seasons and the projects.

Powdered harmony

It is an old house where each generation has left its mark, some traces of its passage. The eras collide, meet each other... A large Napoleon III table rubs shoulders with a L.XIV bench and mismatched chairs... A L.XVI sofa and chest-of-drawers meet a toad chair whose silk reminds us of 18th century lampas... Natural materials are mixed with sophisticated fabrics, the colours unfold all their subtleties... the walls and the furniture tell stories.

Workshop spirit

Like a comforting alcove, this space has been designed in the spirit of a workshop, to encourage reflection and decision-making. Neutral tones (white, beige, putty...) combined with the warmth of a stripped wooden desk... everything in this space contributes to soothing. A pantry unit with white linen lined doors and custom-made dimensions provides ample storage space. The Sevigne day bed, in a range of colours from taupe to chalk white, invites you to relax. A chiffonier with painted cane decoration and a L.XVI style Gabriel Fauré mastic chest-of-drawers add a touch of preciousness to the space. In the centre, the eye is drawn to a table, inspired by our games table and diverted here to become a palette for our patina colour chart and to be easily combined with our selection of creations from editors.

Indoor garden

With its sober lines and Directoire style, the 556 chiffonier is perfect for the exotic and lush drawings of Le Presse Papier. If Savannah Nuit has an abundant vegetation, where hydrangeas, ferns and wild carrot flowers of surprising realism bloom, Les Singes Bleus reads like a tribute to a fresco more than 3500 years old (-1600 BC) discovered on Santorini Insland, and incredibly modern.

Dressed in this way, each chiffonier displays its own personality, full of the creative audacity of the house. For who better than Moissonnier knows how to give the pieces resulting from the great tradition of French cabinetmaking that singular twist?

A precious and refined boudoir

In the refined setting of an alcove, a few carefully chosen pieces create a boudoir with very 18th century lines. The choice of furniture, colours and materials... everything is brought together to create the famous elegance of the French art of living.

A family home

Here, wood reigns supreme, sublimely embodied by a waxed walnut Arbalète chest of drawers. Celadon, purple and navy blue tones combine to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The wood paneled walls reinforce the "family home" spirit and highlight the manufactory's expertise in stylish furnishings.

A Couture Spirit

On the occasion of Paris Déco Off, the Parisian event that celebrates furniture publishers, Moissonnier unveils its 2020 collection and the universes that make it up. Parisian chic inspires classic pieces shaken up by a total look effect, a new matt patina? A certain couture and so parisian spirit.

Blue in Heaven

Moissonnier pays tribute to French art de vivre with its new designs inspired by “Blue in Heaven”.

The luxury cabinetmaker invites you along on a stylistic journey full of personality, that draws inspiration from French artistic heritage with a fresh interpretation of traditional codes and the idiosyncratic touch that is its hallmark.

Deep blue
Deep Blue

To help you to plan your gateway for the summer, we have selected a mix of Moissonnier "must have" for this summer.
Blue horizons to jump into this summer : navy, indigo... and the timeless white M.

Jungle chic !

 From 14 to 25th of May, the moovie world met up at the Cannes film festival for the 72th edition.

The discreet PATIO CANAL + is an inevitable place during this fortnight.

This 600sqm patio has been imagined by Marie Claire Maison like a warm and chic living space.

Our English armchairs Cary, Joyce pouffe upholstered in House of Hackney, our vitrine Miss Daisy or our Grand canal lamp entertain this mix and match into this happy jungle !

A scandinavian winter

Discover our selection "Scandinavian winter" !

Indian Summer


Moissonnier’s new range – MISS – borrows the brand’s DNA to create something new.
Featuring plain lines and redefined volumes, better suited to the habits of a new era : the advent of Generation Y, always on the move, impulsive, and passionate about design and personalised interiors. Patinas are more matt, colours are muted; what remains is the craftsmanship, the artistry of the artisan’s hand.
MISS encapsulates the entire Moissonnier spirit, famous for its unique twist.



Moissonnier is famous for its "Haute-couture" collection.
The new line Miss will be its "Ready to wear" : affordable luxury & modern twist.
Beautifully crafted & colorful spirit are still the DNA of this new line. New matt hand painted finish brings modernity.

Garden Party

The furniture made by Moissonnier is often reminiscent of the idea of a large family estate. 

A country home, both intimate and majestic, where periods blur together and a sophisticated crowd of guests mingle happily.

Black & white

Among the legends of French couture, Mademoiselle Chanel and Monsieur Dior have defined a the rules for timeless elegance. Moissonnier transposes them to furniture, with exquisite finishes, precise designs a real alchely between black & white.

Gentleman & Dandy

This interior tells us of a man of taste. A man aware of details, who knows the importance of comfort. He is a dandy who inverts codes to make them his own.
Anthracite panelling enhances the elegance of the room interspersed with red. The false leopard skin carpet, inspired by Madeleine Castaing, adds a wild element.
Beauty is a friend of well-being in this refined interior.

Ladies & Blush

The french art de vivre takes pride of place. It is expressed in the finely sculpted wood of a trumeau converted into a free-standing mirror, or in a semi-circular Louis XVI banquette. It is reflected again in the marquetry of a marble-topped pedestal table with gilded bronze feet.
Gris pearl panellings highlighted with white and black commend Monsieur Dior.