Ladies & Blush

The french art de vivre takes pride of place. It is expressed in the finely sculpted wood of a trumeau converted into a free-standing mirror, or in a semi-circular Louis XVI banquette. It is reflected again in the marquetry of a marble-topped pedestal table with gilded bronze feet.
Gris pearl panellings highlighted with white and black commend Monsieur Dior.

Gentleman & Dandy

This interior tells us of a man of taste. A man aware of details, who knows the importance of comfort. He is a dandy who inverts codes to make them his own.
Anthracite panelling enhances the elegance of the room interspersed with red. The false leopard skin carpet, inspired by Madeleine Castaing, adds a wild element.
Beauty is a friend of well-being in this refined interior.

Black & white

Among the legends of French couture, Mademoiselle Chanel and Monsieur Dior have defined a the rules for timeless elegance. Moissonnier transposes them to furniture, with exquisite finishes, precise designs a real alchely between black & white.

Garden Party

The furniture made by Moissonnier is often reminiscent of the idea of a large family estate. 

A country home, both intimate and majestic, where periods blur together and a sophisticated crowd of guests mingle happily.



Moissonnier is famous for its "Haute-couture" collection.
The new line Miss will be its "Ready to wear" : affordable luxury & modern twist.
Beautifully crafted & colorful spirit are still the DNA of this new line. New matt hand painted finish brings modernity.

Spring 2018

Spring marks the big return of flowers. Moissonier celebrates the awakening of nature with a profusion of shapes and colors that gives each room a special atmosphere.

Indian Summer


Moissonnier’s new range – MISS – borrows the brand’s DNA to create something new.
Featuring plain lines and redefined volumes, better suited to the habits of a new era : the advent of Generation Y, always on the move, impulsive, and passionate about design and personalised interiors. Patinas are more matt, colours are muted; what remains is the craftsmanship, the artistry of the artisan’s hand.
MISS encapsulates the entire Moissonnier spirit, famous for its unique twist.