Moissonnier appoints Pierre Gonalons as Art Director

Trained in the decorative arts, Pierre Gonalons draws on his passion for French heritage to reinterpret heritage styles with a brazen, yet chic twist - the hallmark of French design. Christophe Martin, President of Moissonnier, and Pierre Gonalons, the new Art Director of the house, give their vision of creation at Moissonnier.

Moissonnier & Le Presse Papier

When Moissonnier crosses the path of the designer, editor and manufacturer of wallpaper and textiles: Le Presse Papier, the agreement is immediate. Shared values, taste for know-how and creation...From their exchanges is born a fruitful collaboration, which takes us on an immobile journey... Light on this audacious capsule collection ! 

Moissonnier X Julien Colombier
Moissonnier x Michel Perry

Moissonnier has called upon Michel Perry, J.M. Weston’s Creative Director, to design a shoe cabinet – the result was bound to surprise!
At Moissonnier, one-off pieces are the norm. The brand's cabinetmakers have always been used to manufacturing furniture to match each customer's specific needs an tastes, so it was only a short leap having one of the great figures in the fashion industry design a signature piece.