Moissonnier & Le Presse Papier

Always on the lookout for new creative talents, Moissonnier crosses the path of Le Presse Papier and is seduced by the quality of its wallpaper and fabrics collections. In addition to their close location (they are both based in Rhône-Alpes region), Moissonnier and Le Presse Papier meet in the field of creative audacity and colour. They also share strong convictions such as the choice of Made in France, the importance of know-how and respect for the environment.

When the bayadère stripe meets the L.XVI style

This capsule collection highlights an iconic furniture from Moissonnier: the Gabriel Fauré chest-of-drawers. Its L.XVI style is twisted by the choice of striped wallpaper from Berlingot / Le Presse Papier collection. A great decorative classic, the bayadère stripe has been worked by the editor in wide stripes, in a palette of acidulous colours inspired by the fifties. The choice of this wallpaper, available in three colours, overturns the classic lines of the chest-of-drawers and perpetuates Moissonnier's bold spirit.

Know-how: wallpaper covering

To cover a piece of furniture with wallpaper, you must first define the placement of the drawing. It is quite an art, when it is a question of centering a motif as well as possible in order to preserve the continuity of the drawing and to provide for cut-outs and connections. All the unsheathed parts (drawers and bottoms) are then worked with an antique patina chosen to contrast or, on the contrary, to match the wallpaper.

Once this preliminary phase completed, the sheathing can begin: this is the "marouflage". The wallpaper is glued to the wooden piece of furniture while it is still rough. When the paper is dry, the edges are sanded to round off the corners and the varnish is applied in two to three successive passes. Once the varnish has been levelled, a layer of wax is applied to protect the furniture. The bronzes are ready to be installed.

The story between the two houses continues from September with the Paris Design Week. This is an opportunity to highlight another flagship piece in the Moissonnier catalogue, dressed in wallpaper with lush designs that invite you to escape. To be discovered from 3 September in the parisian Moissonnier showroom !