Moissonnier x Michel Perry

Five questions to Michel Perry

What was it that convinced you to accept Moissonnier's proposal ?
Moissonnier cultivates a certain heritage and know-how that I immediatly indentify with. All of the brand's furniture is inspired by a lifestyle that resembles my own and that I can easily use to express myself creativity.

What was your process to design this cabinet ?
I jumped in unprepared, I had never really thought about creating something like this. I wanted an object that would fulfil my customer's every wish, just like the shoes I design. A piece of furniture that everyone could visualise in their own environment, that would achieve a feeling of unexpectedness though simplicity, a classic design with a rock and roll twist.

What were your inspirations ?
The general shape was decided during my first few visits at the Moissonnier showroom, as I caressed the many wood species around the rooms and examined material and colour associations. A pair of shoes is an invitation to travel and explore. It led me to picture these richly adorned trunks that travellers took with them on transatlantic cruisers. Macassar ebony conjured up images of Africa, the Moissonnier red evoked China, the slightly baroque crocus-coloured silk and the tartan fabric remind me of Britain.

What is your favorite detail in this piece ?
I absolutely love its silhouette, especially the shape of the round doors that hang from the side of the piece and open like the doors of an antique curio cabinet. It's simple, yet resolutely modern.

Will there be a next step ?
Is is much too early to tell, but I would certainly be thrilled to repeat the experience. Moissonnier provides an endless sea of possibility, it's difficult not to let your mind wander...