Pierre Gonalons, new Art Director

Christophe Martin, President of Moissonnier, has appointed Pierre Gonalons, Art Director of the house. Trained in the decorative art, the product and interior designer draws on his passion for French heritage to reinterpret heritage styles with a brazen, yet chic twist - the hallmark of French design.

Three questions to Christophe Martin

Why did you appoint Pierre Gonalons as Moissonnier’s Creative Director? I arrived at the helm of Moissonnier in September 2021. After taking time to observe the factory from the inside, I felt we needed to bring creativity and innovative thinking back at the core of our operations. And so, we set out in search of someone outside the company, someone with a formal education in historical styles who elevate Moissonnier to its full potential. When we first met with Pierre Gonalons, we were immediately impressed by his interest in French heritage and his knowledge of art.

What was the content of the creative brief given to Pierre Gonalons for his debut collection? I gave Pierre free rein so as not to hinder his creativity. The roadmap he was given was to reinvent heritage designs while staying true to Moissonnier’s DNA, and to assert a more creative — contemporary even — vision in a language that incorporates elements of luxury and fine craftsmanship.

And how did you receive this new collection? First of all, I would like to acknowledge the tremendous work undertaken by Pierre and our craftspeople, which was carried out in record time. Pierre brings a very clear, well-constructed vision, which has empowered us to be creative again while continuing to craft desirable furniture. This first collection is a very promising start that suggests a fruitful collaboration for the months and years to come. And it bodes well for the future of a brand in the process of reinventing itself.

Three questions to Pierre Gonalons

What was your reaction when you were first approached to become Moissonnier’s Creative Director? I was immediately enthusiastic, because I was lately preparing for the right oportunity to bring a holistic vision to a furniture brand. I want to say how honoured I feel serving as Moissonnier’s creative Director, because the company is an unspoiled paradise in the French interiors landscape.

How do you mean? Can you tell us more about the work that goes on in the workshops? What do you like about it? When I first visited the workshop, I immediately understood the level of excellence that went into the work, and the simile with haute-couture just came naturally. The uncompromising pursuit of quality, the value of handmade work, the culture of attention to detail and refinement are ubiquitous… This is a place where the entire lexicon of bespoke tailoring has been carried over into furniture design. What is special about an hautecouture atelier is its capacity for research and innovation. What I discovered at the factory is a very lively playground for ideas, one that I can rely on to reveal unsuspected aspects of this jewel of French manufacturing.

How did you approach your debut collection? The first thing I did was delve into the brand’s archives, and almost simultaneously I started drawing. It wasn’t long before I realised that I needed to explore several directions simultaneously, letting my imagination wander freely across historical periods. With this first collection named ‘In Many Manners’, my intention was to underline the eclecticism of styles that is often a key element of beautiful interiors.